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World without words

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"A Necessary end" Saltillo
Requiem for a dream Clind Mansell
Two Towers Trailer song Lord of the rings
Carmina Burana Vangelis
Until the moment Yanni
Once upon a time Shiller
so long my friend Yanni
change Yanni & chloe
Kika EZ3kiel
Hymn To the sea Irish celtic bagpipes
Tristesse Globale Royksopp
Tom Middelton Sea of glass
children Robert miles
one and one robert miles
Istanbul Istanbul Olali Husnu senlendirici
Bulbum Altin Kafeste Husnu senlendirici
Lelim Ley Hunu senlendirici
sevdam Ihlamurlar altinda
Ozlem Ihlamurlar altinda
sevginin kokusu Asi dizi Muzikleri

Even though the first song is really nice, I knew I would love the rest of this playlist the minute I heard Requiem for a Dream. It is such a hauntingly beautiful piece of music. Though it is more famous for being used in the Lord of the Rings movie, it was originally composed for a movie of the same name. You should check out the movie, it's about drug addiction and its effects on people... i should warn you though that it is a disturbing movie to watch, yet worth it if you can sit through it all. Either way, I LOVED this mix!! :)

Saba7 thank you so much for your encouragement .. I know both of movies , the lord of the ring and requiem for a dream i loved them both :) I put on my mix different version ... .. anyway it is a pleasure that my music please you :))