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Fall for You

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I seriously love all of your playlists! They're always the first ones I go to! We have such similar tastes in music! So, keep making them haha :)

really? awwww that's so nice to hear!!!! Thanks so very much, your comment means so much to me ll go listen to yours sometime soon :)

no problem! I haven't made many but yeah check them out sometime! You introduced me to Jillian Edwards music and ever since I first heard Songbird on one of your playlists I've been hooked. Easily one of my absolute favorite artists! So thanks!

no problemo! I'm always on the lookout for great artists, especially the less known ones :) Feel free to suggest any good ones to me, too!

I just started checking out 'Caleb' the band that Jillian Edwards fiance is in (and their forming the little group 'the In-laws' for a soon to be released EP) and I like their stuff so far! I like 'Learning How to Love (by Caleb) and they have a song called Future with Jillian thats a cute little song!