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Palace in the Sky


Close your eyes, and see the glitters up in the sky. There are floating temples and drifting castles. Seventeen tracks including music by Joe Hisaishi, Gheorghe Zamfir, and Himekami.

17 tracks
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aw yay! thankss!! and not to be creepy, what kind of fantasy are you writing? i actually made this playlist originally for a literary work of mine :p

LOL That's not a creepy question! Um, it's a Japanese fantasy. I watched a lot of B&W subbed movies from Japan as a kid and it really left an impact on me. I <3 the country and the culture and its history.

i wrote about 100,000 words then i put it aside because i'm starting a new dystopia story for the moment. i'll revisit the asian story over summer for sure tho.