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didn't think it'd be so difficult

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you've long forgotten me but sometimes i forget i'm supposed to be forgetting you.

  • Pain by Devil May Cry
  • Affections Touching Across Time II by Inuyasha Movie 1 Soundtrack
  • Through Pain by DNAngel
  • D.Gray-man by OST
  • Unravel (piano Cover) [Tokyo Ghoul OP] by 凛として時雨
  • Kim Tae Yeon (Int.) by Missing You Like Crazy
  • Final Fantasy X by final fantasy x
  • D.Gray-Man by Lullaby
  • Michiyuki (Loveless OST) by Kaori Hikita
  • Love Hurts by k2h
  • Sadness and Sorrow [Naruto OST] by Double S 511
  • Chrono's Sorrow ( Chrono Crusade OST ) by desfleurs.
12 tracks
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