Is this playlist safe for work?

......i like to watch you sleep sometimes.


just some quiet and relaxing songs for when you cant sleep and need some crystal gem love PLAY IT ON A SOFT VOLUME OKAY GOODNIGHT MY SWEETUMS

10 tracks
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@youniqesparklez OMG sorry i didnt realize the timer thing ill change that right away!! and im glad its helpful aw :))

@nessayyy Thanks for fixing it. it reads 46 for 10 now which sounds about right. But i seriously love this playlist. it always helps me fall asleep

okay. so the timer at the top of the playlist says the whole thing is like 6 minutes but you have some songs saying that its supposed to be 15 minutes long which is confusing since i use music to tell time. otherwise amazing playlist. got all the kids im babysitting to pass out and i was pretty relaxed too