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It takes alot more work to create that video than it does to write 3 pages of your own opinion.. and at least people are trying to help those families. I say it is worth every penny.

Take some time to read this:

We have made Africa dependent on foreign aid, Kony is starving in a jungle somewhere and is currently out of power. Educate yourselves, although this involves reading, which is hard, and not fun like a flashy video with cool music.

Kony still committed the crimes spoken about, and for that he should be stopped. I understand that the Invisible Children have some issues, but they have done a fantastic job getting this man well known. The whole point of Kony 2012 was to raise awareness, and for once most American teens are worried about something other than who's in a relationship on Facebook. So I'm sorry, but I don't agree with what you had to say and this is just a small playlist so please just enjoy the music.