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it's been a while

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both Starfucker tracks >> good shit.. =]

Sad Song made me happy wooooo

next 4 are golden.

heads will ROLLL!! heallll yeaaaahhhuuuhh. I called you the other night at the Deadmau5 concert, and this guy Burns was playin right before him, just playing other songs, and he played a remix of this song it was AWWEEESOmee! Plus, he played this song (which on x) made me jizz my pants. Look for a mix this weekend called "Bleep Blorp" its by HudsonMohawke and its amazing. Fucking excellent playlist. Good job on the return mix to 8trx.

Ps. Im thinkin we start a seperate profile were we just contribute 4 tracks each, like the duewet, but seperate from that thing.

a dig your mix, a lot of bands I don't normally listen to, but are still insteresting to me to hear together. thanks for keeping it fresh.