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"We Made it Boys!"


From the bottom of the stairs, to climbing the charts, to the top of the world, follow Louis, Zayn, Liam, Niall & Harry on their nostalgic, reviving, sometimes humorous and incredible whirlwind of a journey through music.

This is One Direction
and this is their story.

36 tracks
8 comments on "We Made it Boys!"

As soon as I saw Cry Me A River I knew you would have all their audition songs on the playlist and I want to bawl, thanks a lot. By the way, really good playlist.

i can feel myself dying on the inside can this not be so perfect i hate one direction so much they did this to me i can't deal with this playlist but i love it!

i opened this and went to a different tab so i didnt know what song was going to play but once i heard it i kinda started to cry, a river. hahahahahahahaha woooow, im pathetic