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3 comments on SVT X BOLLYWOOD

holy crap, where do i even sTART THIS PLAYLIST IS SO CUTE FDKJSDHKSAD, 1st of all, your song recs are so on point and absolutely perfect for seventeen, and i love the lil annotations!! like jaane kyun and desi girl yES THAT IS ABSOLUTELY PERFECT FOR 95 LINE W/ JEONGHAN AS PRIYANKA AND SEUNGCHEOL AND JOSHUA AS JOHN AND AKSHAY ahhhh, badtameez dil would so be perfect for seoksoon and their crazy dorky selves, freaking chan would slay the shit out of dhoom machale (as everyone looks in awe as he shakes his hips to rival katrina's), thug le would be amazing w/ minhui and baek jiyoung and all the added sultry stares, and fucking JICHEOL WITH DILLI WALI GF I ACTUALLY SCREAMED YES (i am jicheol trash), omg and josh softly crooning sooraj dooba hain and 97 line goin crazy with tum hi ho bandu i just - i have a lot of feelings over this playlist. thanks for making the best svt x bollywood playlist ever :')

@bangtansvt omg tysm!! i'm so glad you liked it!!! YES OMG DOSTANA IS PRIME 95 LINE MATERIAL AAHAHA who's not trash for jicheol tho??? SDFSDG THANK YOU SO MUCH AGAIN