Anime freak who loves all music from the heart~

I am a big fan of Japanese culture and anything related to the sort. It just piques my interests.
I don't discriminate against any music types and I'll determine my opinion after listening to the whole song. I can't say I hate country music but I don't really enjoy listening to it over and over again. (Sorry if that's offending to anybody.)

My pastime hobbies consist of a large array of art and drawing especially traditionally and digitally. ~I am a Paint Tool SAI fan~ My favorite button is the Ctrl+Z. (Teeeheee) UNDO. I also play the piano and drums. I have mentioned before but I absolutely love watching anime and reading manga.

Some of the people I love are Hayao Miyazaki, Yiruma, Joe Hisaishi, Regina Spektor, MIKA, etc.

I am proud to be AZN. ^^ I'd be even more proud if I was Japanese but.... That's not happening. :(

And yes... I am a girl.

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