Is this playlist safe for work?

never done

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So then I noticed you had Anna sun on here and I was just wondering if you've listened to many of their other songs? If not, I strongly recommend looking up "Iscariot" it's my personal favorite by them, it's slower, but I think the lyrics are by far the best of all their songs:)

@secretadventurer I'm glad you seemed to enjoy the playlist, and it had different bands you like. I have listened to some other Walk the Moon, but I hadn't listened to "Iscariot" before. Thanks so much for the recommendation, because it is an absolutely beautiful song. And just thanks for listening, I really appreciate it!

I just got introduced to the mountain goats a few days ago so I was looking for playlist that had them in it, and I found this one. It's absolutely perfect! I'm using it currently for math homework inspiration