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I want you to stay


I want you to stay; a renee montoya/daria hernandez fanmix (13 tracks)

  • Dream a Little Dream of Me (Karaoke Version With Background Vocals) (Originally Performed By The Mamas & The Papas) by A-Type Player
    stars fading, but I linger on, dear / still craving your kiss / I'm longing to linger 'til dawn, dear
  • She's Got a Way by Dear Abbeys
    she's got a smile that heals me / I don't know what it is / but I have to laugh when she reveals me
  • Ingrid Michaelson Version (Cover) by Can't Help Falling in Love With You
    shall I stay? / would it be a sin? / but I can't help falling in love with you
  • Suddenly I See (KT Tunstall Cover) by The Glass Stars
    you can see she's a beautiful girl, she's a beautiful girl / everything around her is a silver pool of light / she holds you captivated in her palm
  • She Keeps Me Warm by Mary Lambert
    I could be your morning sunrise / all the time, all the time, yeah / this could be good, this could be good
  • Stay by Jasmine Thompson
    makes me feel like I can't live without you / it takes me all the way / I want you to stay
  • Love Is (Meg & Dia Cover) by basicmilkhotel
    I wanna find love, and I wanna keep it / I had it once, but I didn't mind leaving it / but I was younger then, and I learned everything alone
  • Pieces // Andrew Belle Cover by victoria_k
    there’s too much smoke to see it, there’s too much broke to feel this / I love you, I love you / and all of your pieces
  • Happiness (The Fray Cover) by Alan Balandra Avendaño
    then one day you'll wake up / and she'll be home, home / she'll be, she'll be, she'll be home
  • Cannonball (Damien Rice Cover) by Gab Medina
    there's still a little bit of your taste in my mouth / still a little bit of you laced with my doubt / it's still a little harder to say what's going on
  • Jasmine Thompson by Say Something
    and I will swallow my pride / you're the one that I love / and I'm saying goodbye
11 tracks
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