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dating an idol.


this, this is what it's like to date an idol.
months without speaking and you just wonder if he still thinks about you.
checking your phone every day for a text but you never get one.
watching all the promoting he does with his group and you expect him to do /something/ to show you he's thinking about you but nothing comes.
and you can't even tell anyone. you can't tell anyone because they won't believe you.
that's what hurts.
this is what it's like to tell a boy who has the world at his fingers that you'd wait until he got a free day, you'd wait for him to text you with a simple "miss you ".
this is what it's like to wonder if it's really worth all the time when you don't speak.
but this is also what it's like when you finally get that text and suddenly, the waiting was worth it.

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