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it is year 10 and i'm a baby again


snail slime and river mud drying on my hands. cold rocks in my pocket. red paint stuck under my fingernails. mushy canned pears. bugs in my hair. boys touching me at recess. telletubbies on vhs. stale smell of communion wafers. the confession room carpet. baby birds covered in fire ants. breaking crayons. hiding belts. climbing trees. scraped up knees. getting my dad another beer from the fridge. bouncing on some man's knee and praying before bed. blue gummy sharks. seeing ghosts. dead pets in shoeboxes. pretending to be asleep. plugging my ears. crying on the schoolbus. fish guts. fish scales. eating my nails. crossing my legs. gnawing on my hair. my snotty nose. dreaming about my first period. about having a baby inside me. about being big.

(not 4 ddlg thanks, back off u baby fuckers)

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