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Saving Hope Music


I've been binge watching this show for the past 2 weeks and after 3 episodes I've noticed how good the music in it was so I had to make this.

Ps: Team Charlie or Team Joel????? I've finished the whole tv show and I still can't pick.

28 tracks
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currently binge watching this show too and absolutely loving the music. nice work with the playlist. so glad i didn't have to scour the internet for all of it. I'm not quite finished them all yet, but I'm team Joel so far :P

Thank you for making this mix and picking these beautiful songs! I've been looking for a SH playlist for ages, the show certainly has great music. Btw, I will always be team Joel :'(

@chemicalxdefect You're welcome!!! I'm glad you like it!! I'm thinking of making playlists for the 2nd and 3rd season as well but I haven't found the time for it but the music is so good I need to put them together in a whole playlist!