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the best anime openings you've definitely heard


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11/14/2017: WOW YALL. we had A LOT of broken tracks! im so sorry, everything should be in working order now! ill try to do better maintenance on my old mixes!

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@succubiloveeveryone ah, i made this playlist before the tokyo ghoul anime was out. as much as i dig that theme, i don't plan on making any additions to this playlist, though im considering making a part 2 o:

i love this mix!! but i cant help but notice that some of your songs are missing :o specifically monochrome no kiss, again and hotaru no hikari!!

@boldstreet OH SHIT LMAO Man I haven't touched this playlist in a really long time, I can't even be surprised that there's missing tracks, thanks so much for the heads up! I'll try my best to get that problem solved today ovo