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FEET start dancin' NME 020

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I bought this tape from the NME and played it most days. Then I lent it to a friend who had it stolen from his car. I was bereft. I'd love to get another copy. It's great to hear it again. Thanks!

I got this cassette when I was nineteen and just about wore it out. It was lost years ago, and listening to it now I can still sing every word (not in tune though). It doesn't get any better.

Found them - looks as though 'magneticfields' thought of recreating these cassettes and others a while ago. Ho hum - I might turn to others...

I'm still looking for the last three tracks from this cassette: Call Me by Eddie Bishop, Looking for you by Garnet Mimms (what a name!) and Long after Tonight is Over by Jimmy Radcliffe