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take it slow


lets be real, we are all obsessed with the new twenty one pilots song
HEATHENS...probs going to hell for this but hope you enjoy and i'll see you there ^-^

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im pretty new to this fandom & i never knew that the first verse of blasphemy was also in the end of anathema, so i was like wtf lmao. but i love it :) these are my babiess

@jessicarxse_ yeah, actually top repeats a lot of stuff within their songs, but every single one has a different mood and meaning and aaaah i love twenty one pilots and the clique so much

@muskaanmalhotra27 omfg you're so nice!! thanks and i just felt the need to create this playlist, if 8tracks wasn't so mean about uploading more songs from the same artist, i would have put more from regional at best and no phun intended, hope you have a good day x