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did i build this ship to wreck?


Nodding with a growing smile, she acquiesced, "Okay, yes, you can definitely come with and look after me." She stepped closer to him and leaned up, puckering up her lips.

Chuckling as she puckers her lips up, Dillon steps closer as he wonders if he was ever going to be able to stay angry with this girl for more than five minutes. Well, answer, not when she had that look and the deerstalker on (damn was this making reading Sherlock Holmes in public very difficult).

Leaning down and cupping both cheeks to kiss her, sweet and soft, he brushes the tip of his fingers against her lips as he pulls an inch back and comments,

"Try and stop me."
((A mix for first loves, and young lovers: the highs and the lows. For when love just wasn't enough, but hope is too stubborn to die.))

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