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Alessandra's Spanish Mix I


A few of the songs that got me hooked on my love of Spanish-language music, I've tried to pick ones that are easier to understand. Memorizing lyrics to songs I really liked was definitely huge in helping my Spanish pronunciation and fluency. Other tracks that I can't find in the soundcloud but that you need to download ASAP are:

Mar y arena - Maná
Día de enero - Shakira
Si te vas - Shakira
Tu amor me hace bien - Marc Anthony

  • Compartir by carlamorrisondiscografia
    Carla Morrison has such a pretty voice, and her accent and way of singing are really easy to understand.
  • No Me Ames by Jennifer Lopez
    This may have been the first Spanish song I learned entirely.
  • No Digas lo Siento by Don Tetto
  • tu no eres para mi by Fanny lu
    This song is awful, for real, don't think it's the pinnacle of Latin American music, but it's funny. I think it's pretty easy to understand to. QUIERO QUE TU SEPAS QUE TU NO ERES PARA MI! (8)
  • Limón y sal by Julieta Venegas
  • Miranda by Perfecta
  • Manos al Aire by Nelly Furtado
    Okay, so all the songs from Nelly Furtado's Spanish language CD are pretty good, but you have to understand that her accent isn't perfect.
  • Pitbull (LETRA by Maldito Alcohol
    This is a drinking song, the chorus more or less says "I DON'T WANT WATER, I JUST WANNA DRINK" (8)
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