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'it was one kingdom, once.'


'And the centre. We both hold the centre.'
'It was one kingdom, once.'

a mix for laurent of vere and damianos of akielos

10 tracks
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I'm only half-way through but this playlist is honestly perfect. 'The Splitting of Yourself in Two' - my god, what a song. How perfectly fitting. It's like there's so much hesitancy built into these tracks and something darker is lying behind them. And yet they're all, truly, ultimately, hopelessly sweet and lovely. Thank you.

* I really recommend listening to Lanterns on the Lake's album 'Gracious Tides, Take Me Home' - especially the tracks 'I Love You, Sleepyhead', and 'Not Going Back to the Harbour'. They're perfect and fit so well with this, especially now that I listen to 'Made of Stone'.

Oh my gosh thanks!! I'm glad you liked it!! Thanks for sharing the song on Tumblr btw it means a lot, that song is my go-to for Damen and Laurent

Man I thought 'oh hey I'll listen to some nice otp music while I work' and the next thing I know Surrender is playing and I'm crying. So well done playlist I really like it