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bath time detox


Relieve your negativity by taking a relaxing bubble bath. My idea for this playlist is that by the time you get close to the end of the playlist you will start feeling better and the music becomes more upbeat :) Enjoy xoxo

  • Open Eyes by Debby Ryan
  • I'll Always Remember You by fcjemilovers
  • Rooting For My Baby by user450407605
  • Begin Again by Taylor Swift
  • Dandelion Necklace by SayWeCanFly
  • Zendaya butterflies by littleblackstar442
  • A Wish Comes True Every Day (DjJota23 Remix 2012) by Debby Ryan
  • Me, Myself, and Time by Bianca Barrios 1
  • Swag It Out by Zendaya
  • Enchanted by Taylor Swift
10 tracks
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