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Liquid Drum & Bass #8 November 2014


Your monthly liquid drum & bass journey awaits you.... :)

Huge tunage this week with artists like Maduk, Rameses B, Intelligent Manners and more.

13 tracks
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Hey again, Still thrashing your uploads, months of accumulated appreciation!! :) Thought i'd share a link i'm thinkin you might appreciate.. Ive been busy, busy renovating, requiring rhythmic patterns and basslines of the inspirational variety. I'm in no way affiliated (except scotch whiskey) but this man has a rep for all thee right reasons,.. been enjoying the Lm1 podcasts, however here is a decent collection of freakin awesome atmospheric & liquid Drum & Bass... High quality bitrates, and deep dirty baselines...Enjoy! ;) Love it!!

@mrwoo Glad they could be of service my man ;) , what are you renovating ? Cheers for sharing these links, I'm always on the hunt for good mixes to unwind with :). Just listened to the Probe-One Deep Space Mix and there sure are some good vibes resonating from it :). I will make sure to check out the rest over the next few days.