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she's only a girl

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aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa i cried while listenin gi'm just so emotional this fandom finally has a sonoko mix thank you this is perfect all your yuyuyu mixes are perfect ;-;

@Omniscient Trees realtalk i was not actually intending to make a sonoko mix until after we got wasuyu but i saw your tags on one of my others saying you wanted one and these tears are the highest honor i could ever receive, thank you!!!!

@Omniscient Trees if i don't get a chance to read the novels myself before the adaptation comes out and make them before that, they are absolutely happening then!!! thanks so much for always liking and reblogging my yuyuyu mixes, it's been really encouraging ♥♥♥

@nidorina eeeee ty!! wasuyu's LN is really good, tbh, im the story is actually even better than yuyuyu, even in fantranslation!! i can't wait to see it adapted, i got so emotional when i saw it wa shappening