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We both love each other Steve, but I can't let you love me
I know you feel guilty and ashamed but don't be
You don't understand Steve, I have blood on my hands. Too much blood to be forgiven. I hate myself and I just can't let captain america, the love of my life, love someone like me.
I am captain america but I am Steven Rogers first, the little guy from Brooklyn who fell in love with a sweet man. Don't think that little guy is gone, he's still here. I am in love with you James and there's nothing that will stop me from loving you. Maybe what you did all those years was horrible but it wasn't Bucky Barnes.
Steve came closer and gave Bucky a hug. He wiped his tears away with his thumb and gently pressed his lips on his.
For now on, let me love okay.
it's okay for me.

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