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A villain's soliloquy

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Ahh! This is brilliant! I’m planning a Bill Cipher Cosplay this fall and right now I really don’t have time for it but this really gets me in the mood for supernatural murderous mischief! Super super great mix!

cIncredible mix. I have looked hard for a nice villains mix, but I have found an amazing one here. You're song choices are so unique and impressive. I have never imagined that these songs--somewhat silly at first listen--could turn out to be so menacing when placed with the right foe. I would love to hear more. Stay Sentient, Snail-and-Silver-Sword...

@Infinite Sentience Thank you it means a lot to me to know that this turned out well. It stresses me wondering whether people can glean why I placed a song in the playlist and a particular spot, and it's wonderful to know that you understood what I was aiming for whit this. Thank you so much. I'm currently working on one about temptation so be sure to keep an eye out for that.