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kieren walker


a mix for an undead boy of roarton, lancashire

i. first love, insecurity
ii. first love; grief; death
iii. reanimation
iv. returning to consciousness
v. living
vi. apologies
vii. discrimination
viii. amy
ix. simon

12 tracks
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WOW okay so this is probably irrelevant but i found this playlist several months ago, and i loved it, and i vowed that i would watch in the flesh because it sounded good. i just recently got the chance to watch it, and as i'm listening to this playlist and understand the meaning of each, i love it even more. brilliant job, it really captures kieren. thank you for this, i'm so glad i watched it (it kind of ruined my life for a while nbd)

Love this mix. I just started using 8tracks a few days ago, and I think I've listened to this every day since then. I'd love to know which order the songs were intended to be heard in though. (:

thank you so much! the original list goes as: creep, bill murray, human, dark passenger, after the storm, life is for living, la la la, crazy, and so it goes :)