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Hurt & Bruise Me


When Brian and Olivia fight, it can turn into a violent and volatile mess.

This time Olivia doesn't feel like backing down and is ready to push everything.

But even after everything, she knows that Brian and her can't survive without one another - if she doesn't bend in the end, it'll all be over.

At least the angry make-up sex is worth it.

  • Fuck U by fuck u
  • Linkin Park: Faint by Violet Rox
  • Chalk Outline by Three Days Grace
  • 02 - I Will Not Bow by dj bruky
  • Famous Last Words (Lyrics) by My Chemical Romance
  • Scarlet by In this Moment
  • If I Never See Your Face Again by Maroon 5
  • War In Your Bedroom by amberzombiethebitch
  • Tear You Apart by She Wants Revenge
9 tracks
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