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winter is coming


“Winter is coming,” Arya whispered.

“The hard cruel times," her father said. “We tasted them on the Trident, child, and when Bran fell. You were born in the long summer, sweet one, you’ve never known anything else, but now the winter is truly coming. Remember the sigil of our House, Arya.”

"The direwolf,” she said, thinking of Nymeria. She hugged her knees against her chest, suddenly afraid.

“Let me tell you something about wolves, child. When the snows fall and the white winds blow, the lone wolf dies, but the pack survives. Summer is the time for squabbles. In winter, we must protect one another, keep each other warm, share our strengths. So if you must hate, Arya, hate those who would truly do us harm.”

( —Arya Stark's POV. Excerpt from Chapter Twenty-Two, A Game of Thrones )

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@timuzu It was my pleasure. I haven't had very many books or shows affect me, but when I read A Storm of Swords I had to take a break after the first half. And then seeing the absolute and utter annihilation of House Stark in live action on Game of Thrones throughout the first three seasons was just as jarring. Still, I can't stop watching and I will definitely read the last two books whenever they're released. Annnd I think this comment went through twice, so my apologies.