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Phantasmatical Darkness


"She never trusted others. She kept her dark hood up, concealing her face, but when people truly looked at her they were entranced and it scared her..."

Some Artists include: Cousin Marnie, Phildel, Gazelle Twin

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29 tracks
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Well this is a cool little discovery I have made. Instant follow! I am excited to explore all of your music. Thank you!

@nulkmad So glad you like it! I have been obsessed with these songs and finally found a home for them... :) I will be sure to explore your playlists as well.

@Nikinya They are very good! I am glad to have stumbled upon you. :) Be warned, you may find yourself a bit lost in my home... I have laid out my genres as best as I can on my profile. I hope you find a mix that you enjoy, I am sort of all over the place.

@nulkmad I've been a big fan of both you and Nikinya from the start of discovering this site a year ago, love seeing the two of you meet and enjoy each others music :)