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Rebuilding a Life


Not that long ago I suffered a life altering stroke, which is not only unusual for being young, but it has also left this dream-like void in all my thoughts. I am slowly relearning how to do things, but now, in a different way. The blood clot that went through the hole I have in my heart landed on both sides of my brain. I lost my vision, I lost my memory (I couldn't even remember my own babies) and obviously I lost my marbles. Slowly I am regaining all that I lost with the exception of some memories. For whatever reason, theses were the first songs I heard after leaving the hospital. I am not sure why they matter to me, but they do and maybe someone else out there will enjoy them too. xoxo

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@nohazel Thank you so much for not only listening to this mix, but for taking precious time out of your life to write me. I am so glad you are enjoying the music! Thank you for the good thoughts and wishes. xoxo