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this song was made by a gay computer


funny songs popularized on youtube that are actually catchy as hell

  • One Direction Parody by Key of Awesome
  • Dragostea din tei by Teiubesc
    song by O-Zone
  • Lez Be Friends by The Midnight Beast
  • Caramelldansen (Speedycake Remix) by Caramell
  • Do You Wanna Date My Avatar by The Guild
  • I'm On A Boat (Civil Program Remix) by The Lonely Island
  • Banana Phone (Fast Version) by blayan
  • Tik Tok (Parody) by The Midnight Beast
  • The Gummy Bear Song by bujooon
  • Tay Zonday Chocolate Rain by clocksaregay
  • The Fox(What Does the Fox say?) afterlife Edit by Ylvis
11 tracks