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50 Shades - The Sexy Part

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Hi AgneseNash.

The main gripe I have with 8tracks is that they shuffle the songs after the first play which totally changes the flow of the mixes. Here is the original running order for this mix ;-)

01 I've been waiting for you / Costanza
02 Car crash / Tricky
03 Sex (I'm a) / Lovage
04 Drink you sober / Bitter Sweet
05 Undress U / Giraffage
06 What you need / The Weeknd
07 Thinking about you / ORLOK
08 Freelove / Depeche Mode
09 The only girl on earth / Dubphonic
10 Don't wake me up / The Cranes
11 I'm in to you / Chet Faker

I have been listening to your mixes for days now.. and love all of them.. but i always felt your mixes missed a bit of lovage.. well now you have me sold.. this song in particular.. i tell you i am emotionally attached to this song.. hahah you are fucking awesome !! Thank you :D..

Hi Peppermintn, thanks for the lovely comment you are very, very kind!! Really happy to hear you like all the mixes. Btw that's a great song to be emotionally attached to ;-)