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Blue Eyed Soul


From the first white solo artist on Soul Train up to the current Robin Thicke, a few blue eyed soul boys on the funkier side of the tracks.

8 tracks
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Don't know what happened to track 7. I uploaded "I Need" by Maverick Sabre but for some reason 8tracks has linked an album sampler by him instead. This seems to be happening a lot on 8tracks at the moment, don't know what's going on??

awesome mix. wish more people were into this kind of stuff these days! I think you'll like my mix as well, its a little different but still soulful :) not really sure how else to promote my mixes, the most likes I have so far is only 200-something so I thought I'd try this. Let me know what you think! cheers from Canada! :)

Hi cmacattack92, thanks for the comment & like. I liked your mix too, can't beat the old Motown classics. Only a couple of likes for a Gold for you, Good Luck!

Hi William, Thanks for the comment and the like on my mix. I'm listening to your mix now, it's very funky. Good luck with the platinum!!!