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White girl music


these are songs that every fucking "white girl" (as described in the picture) listens to on a regular basis. If you're a white girl by definition, I'm going to say this once.
Just fucking stop.

30 tracks
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What does everyone have against us white girls like wtf people just because our skin color isn't the same color doesn't mean that you have to judge us. It gets really annoying when someone hates on white girls by definition when half us don't even to anything to y'all like damn

if you don't listsen to this kind of music and you don't think this is you, then why are you offended? if it's not you, you shouldn't be listening to it anyways. I'm just going off of what the girls I've seen that fit the criteria listen to. I actually went out and asked girls like that what they listen to. I didn't ask you. Nor do I really care what you listen to. if you don't like it, don't listen to it and keep your bitchy opinion to yourself for christ's sake.

You know, I'm a white girl, I love starbucks, practically worship it, an I wear yoga pants (because I'm in dance), and I always have an iPhone in my hand because I'm a texting addict (not ashamed to admit it), but I despise uggs. And this music is shit...I listen to good stuff like ACDC, Guns n' Roses, Martina and the Diamonds and pretty much alternative and classic rock. Oh and k-pop (Korean pop). So am I a typical white girl since I like and wear 3 of the 4 criteria?