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us, here, togther, forever

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you give me butterflies
you give me smiles
you give me blushes
you give me warmth
you give me happiness
you give me love

"Forever is a long time, but I wouldn't mind spending it by your side." ~ I wouldn't Mind - He is we

i love you ebi
we'll be together forever, until we own a house, until we have a bunch of pets (yes tiny ones like you cutie), until we get old
we're nearing a year together. i'm so excited.
i can't wait until spring when i visit you, i can't wait until i get to see your cute face and cute lil chubby cheeks, i can't wait until i get to wake up to your smile. the honest first thing i'll do is kiss you to death and just hold you really tightly
you give me so many positive feelings, you make my heart race by just the small thought of you.
before we didn't talk, i saw you in those catspawisland rooms with your friends and i didn't want to say anything because i was honestly scared that you'd think i was just some weird kid. i was scared of a lot of things then, i didn't know who i was. i was so sad daily, i didnt know what i wanted in life. i had that fake face on around all my friends...then in the jungle, you talked to me. thats all it took. that was the best moment in my life. we were instantly best friends, and i instantly loved you with all the fibers in my body. this is cheesy but you saved me, you really did. july 23 2014, the day we started to date. 5 months, i havent regretted one second of us together.
this playlist may be a bit cheesy
god i love you
typing this is about to make me cry from happiness, im shaking and my heart is beating really fast.
this is whAT U DO TO ME U NERD
no seriously
i love you

hundreds of miles apart but that wont stop me from sitting in my room smiling at my laptop screen as i talk to you

july 23 2014, the best day of my life.