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the first and last essential tune


alternate title: "Songs Pearl sang to Rose Quartz and the Crystal Gems before the war"


EDIT: changed the cover photo and the title.


I imagine they'd be on a ship, with Pearl glorifying war and Rose amused by her ludicrous fantasy.


No warnings. There is the occasional vocal.

  • The Breaking of the Fellowship by Howard Shore
  • Princess Mononoke Theme by Violin And Piano
    Amethyst would've interrupted her here, if she were there at the time.
  • Space and Time by Armen Hambar featuring Michelle Ann Owens
  • THE BANNER SAGA: Huddled in the Shadows by Austin Wintory
  • 13 κrOnё by lickysensei
  • Inochi No Namae (The Name Of Life) by Spirited Away
  • Lorule Castle by Nintendo
  • Hans Zimmer (Interstellar OST) by Day One
8 tracks
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