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coping with the fact enjolras and grantaire are DEAD


so i was feelin rlly sad bout the fact that everyone was dead and it was the anniversary of the barricade or whatnot

so i made it into a story thing

it pretty much starts off with grantaire being really in love with enjolras and then they die BUT DO NOT FEAR because they're together forever in heaven or reincarnated idk u pick which one it doesn't matter because everything is actually okay riGHT......


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2 comments on coping with the fact enjolras and grantaire are DEAD

yup they're totally not dead prob what happened was smth along the lines of how gr8 their love was so they just HAD to stay for a lil while longer bc god can't ruin that chemistry lmao forgive me while i go cry into the sunset abt my sons who are indeed living and who are not dead

A+++++ mix oh no it's playing i would do anything for you whoops see that bird flying by? its taking my heart with it bye bye my poor heart i love this

I am 100% for this they're not actually dead shh don't talk to me they're not they can't possibly be they love each other way too much