No True Scotsman
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Lord Byron's Ferrari


A: "Camus once said that the 'role of the intellectual cannot be to excuse the violence of one side and condemn that of the other'."

*Bang* "Fuckin'..." *Bang*

B: "Please tell the people to save their excuses or condemnations for the almighty, monolithic, mystical thingy."

B: "Now if you'll step aside -- I have to engage my 1974 Ferrari GTS Time Machine™, travel back to the year 1887, and get my revenge on Gustav Mahler for stealing my wife. Truth awaits, dear boy!"

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A completely madcap playlist featuring...

Ron Grainer, Hookworms, The Fall, Spacemen 3, The Silents, The Haunted, Joy Division, Iggy Pop & James Williamson, The Vacant Lots, The Kinks, Keith Mansfield, The Sound, Sultan Bathery, Loose Tapestries, Fifty Foot Hose, Morgan Delt, July, Hawkwind, Liars, and John Prine!