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Liquid Gold

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God and Heaven bless you to the infinite max always and forever for the beauty you have created in the world and for how much it helps me, for what amazing and incredible and ultra beautiful medicine it is, it arrived to me at a very special point in my journey, for making it I have the most infinite gratitude to you always and forever and am the hugest fan, intentions to check out all your future work, love you so infinitely much always and forever, thank you from the bottom and center of my heart for what you have made, always :)

It's a totally sexy mix and thank you so infinitely much DNTST you are the only person out there making music I like as much as Sizzlebird

Yo... I am an 8 tracks addict. And I listen to 8 tracks every day, most of the day. This is probably my favorite playlist I have ever encountered on here out of 1,000's. Thank you so infinitely much from all my heart and soul always and forever. Heaven bless you to the infinite max always. :)