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7 kids 3 countries 6 weeks 1 summer


This summer I travelled to Europe with my friends. We laughed at stupid things, we cried because we were growing up, we screamed at the world, we drank cheap wine, we danced in the streets of Paris in the pouring rain, and stayed up all night just talking. Let me show you how it felt.

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Oh God, I remeber listening to Down in the Valley when I first to London for a college interview. I felt like my life was perfect for 3 whole minutes. Great great mix <3

This has got to be the BEST description I've read. Sounds like you had an awesome trip. It maybe got to me because I'm doing kinda the same trip soon! I want it to be just like that! Also, the playlist is great!

I agree, music's the only way. And in my opinion you did a great job describing it with the songs you chose. I'm going to those same places and some others like Spain, Italy and England! Do you have any recommendations on restaurants, plans, whatever?