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Child of Two Worlds


"You will always be a child of two worlds."

A struggle between two sides in one man, while his world is burning around him.

  • Rootless by Marina & the Diamonds
    "Running with my roots pulled up" / "Work your fingers to the bone" / "I'm rootless, I'm rootless"
  • And The World Was Gone by Julie Cakes
    "But I blinked" / "And the world was gone"
  • King by laurenaquilina
    "You lost your mind in the sound" / "You're in control" / "Rid of the monsters inside your mind" / "There's no logic in your sadness"
  • Not a Robot, But a Ghost by Andrew Bird
    "I run the numbers through the floor" / "I crack the codes that end the war"
  • Editors – No Sound But The Wind by Alina Berezenko
    "We can never go home" / "We no longer have one" / Help me to carry the fire" / It will light our way forever"
  • No Emotion by Idlewild
    "In whatever we say, we show no emotion" / "When we kick back into the world of motion" / "We show, we show no emotion"
  • Wake Me Up by Avicci
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