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the essence of studying {instrumental}


3 hours of my favourite study music, these tracks are picked from my personal study playlist and i hope it helps you as much as it helps me.

good luck on those exams your studying for, papers your writing or readings your reading!

my previous study playlist is here

UPDATE: thank you so much for the 1000 likes & comments x

UPDATE 2015: heres this years study mix, another 3 hours

53 tracks
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I'm currently a second year biochemistry student at McMaster University (Canada) and this playlist has been my go-to study aid since first year and has helped me through countless long nights of studying. Thank you for making this

@sirnirob-680 this is such a wonderful message thank you for taking the time to leave it! Im so glad something i made is helping you & i wish you the best of luck in your biochem degree :)

I really love this playlist. It helps me to relax and let go of stress and bad feelings, in other words it's very calming~ Which means that this is just the playlist I need to maintain in good health in every part of my life :3 Thank you for sharing your music<3

@Momoobun thank you for leaving this lovely comment, im so glad that something i made is giving you a sense of calm. thats why i make these, so it somehow helps others :)