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I seem to have misplaced my dub.

7 comments on I seem to have misplaced my dub.

May I introduce the master in his field ! The one true original on this specc of dust in this galactic atmosphere! The one and only... NobleLion! I salute you my friend. This is what got me throught the day. Tired, worn out after deleting Btrxz negative comments. hehehe * * * * * Five stars worth mate fuckit im pushing play again!

I would hunt that "friend" down with extreme prejudice, and a healthy dose of malice. Those are some valuable records...

This onE mad me mad!! old "Friend" has All my dub Lps about 20 classics rare straight from the sources of Jamaica, London, Brooklyn and Amsterdam. I will hunt him down again to night! lick shot BIG UPS ERIE!!-THX