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drumsticks and tattoos.

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This mix is for a person, although not appear to be a loving person ... You'd be surprised how much it is, and he is my best friend and is... wonderful.

Thanks, dude. For this year and much more.

His favorite bands and soloists are here.
but the last, that's mine, haha.

  • There Is a Light That Never Goes Out by Morrissey
  • Disorder by Joy Division
  • 06 - Sad Eyes by Yessyr
  • Lotus Flower by Radiohead
  • Heart in a Cage by The Strokes
  • It's Working by MGMT
  • All The Small Things (Acoustic) by Acoustic
  • Right Now by right now
8 tracks
1 comment on drumsticks and tattoos.

Man, this is amazing.
It means so much for me that you can't even imagine. I'm so fucking grateful to have you as my friend. Really, you're such an amazing person to me. Never forget, okay?

I love you and have no doubt that we will continue for many more years.