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Beyond the clouds

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just you think you could compile a text document of some sort so that I can purchase these songs? going through each and every one is a hassle because you can't copy-paste

Thank u :) Here is a copy of my tracklist... maybe someday edit and update ..... but today this is the list :)
1-Burning the past (OST The Kingdom of Heaven -Harry Gregson-Williams )
2-Arrival of the Birds (Crimson Wings -The Cinematic Orchestra)
3-Come sei veramente (Giovanni Allevi)
4-Landing Party (OST LOST - Michael Giacchino)
5- Title No available sorry! :(
6-Everyone's fixed memories (OST The Butterfly Effect )
7-Jenny's Theme (OST Big Fish - Danny Elfman)
8- One Summer Day (OST Spirited Away - Joe Hisashi)
9-Chevaliers De Sangreal (OST Angels & Demons - Hans Zimmer)
10- Life of the Birds (Crimson Winds - The Cinematic Orchestra)
11-Intermezzo from Cavalleria Rusticana (Massenet)
12-Neverlad (OST Finding Neverland)
13- Reprise (OST Howls Moving Castle - Joe Hisaishi)
14- Nocturne 20 In C Sharp Minor ( Chopin)
15- Kayleigh`s Funeral (OST The Butterfly effect)
16- Voice In the Eyes (Luigi Rubino)
17- Sayuri's Theme & End Credits (OST Memoirs of a Geisha - John Williams)
18- The Pier (OST Never Let Me Go - Rachel Portman)
19- Why does she have to Die? (OST Finding Neverland) 20-Le Vals de Ammelie (OST Ammelie - Yann Tiersen) 21- Quiet Life (OST Rurouni Kenshin: 'Remembrance' - Taku Iwasaki)
22- Fuori dal mondo (Ludovico Einaudi)
23-Love Remembered (OST Dracula - Wojciech Kilar)
24-Secret Wedding (OST Braveheart - James Horner)
25- Now That`s Love (OST Howls Moving Castle - Joe Hisaishi)
26-Evensong (Fairytales - Highlights from Secret Garden - Secret Garden)
27- A small measure of peace (OST The Last Samurai - Hans Zimmer)
28- Together we will live forever (OST The Fountain - Clint Mansell)
29- Immrama (Star of the Sea - Stellamara)
32- Agnus Dei ( Barber)
33- Time (OST Inception - Hans Zimmer)