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Bringing Something New to the Table

3 comments on Bringing Something New to the Table

lol @ Power of the mind, its one of Headhunterz best, the other 2 best are D-tuned and Rock Civilization, just like any Hardstyle song, you have to listen to the whole song

i probably got a few from your download excursion, and i think everyone needs some disco biscuits... some random guy at the benassi show told me to check them out

glad you're enjoying em' dan

good opener. lets LEVitate


MC-4 Acid --> like a funny acid trip

This Birdy Nam Nam track is dark, voluptious, and fucking Awesome.

I love to EXPLORE! nice karminsky. you can thank me for that. =] thats if it from all that shitton of shit shit i added on your mac. thieveryyyyy!

hahaha pussy dub foundation >> i heard this song somewhere else recently.

i really gotta get me some discobiscuits.. they damn good

Sliding Feat. General Santana --> picture a bunch of groovy afro warriors sliding back and forth on the dance floor. great stuff.

Flashrider?!?!?! awesome! glad you went back to this headhunterz had me worked up, ineedthis and it did get my attenzione!

I'll play with this GAK all night long. It flows between me fingers so easily.

Haven't listened to Ghostland in a while, nice to get backk to them for a bit.

Jeez duh nicely done. loved this shit to the max. keep browsin' through that library.