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Something Different

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I've just been turned on to 8 tracks and already this is one of my favorites. I've only made a couple of mixes since Monday. I was just gonna say that you have great taste in music, my friend.

Glad you enjoyed it!
Somewhere over the rainbow worked for me, so I don't know?

if you enjoyed the fleet foxes song you should definitely watch this video...

That first song got me so hard i loved iT! I was def. diggin' the second song and then it started fucking up? It was weird, maybe it was just my computer or something but it skipped and stuff, so try playin it back see if its just me cause that song rocked my cock. Soul meets body meets my ear meets my cock again! hard for this one too, awesome shit! love this sound, fleet foxes make me wanna soar across landscapes in chilly weather mMMMM SO FUCKING GOOD. great shit man.