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"Before it did too much damage? I'd hate to see what you think real damage looks like." -Newt

Just a pouring out of all of my Newt feels........
*lies down*
*tries not to cry*
*cries A LOT*

23 tracks
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I never would have thought of any of these as Newt/TMR but now I always will. Been looking for a Newt mix that fits my ideas of him and my music taste - think I found it! Thank you <3

@You_only_different 8'''} This makes me so happy. X'} This was seriously the most emotional playlist I've made (MANY tears were shed in the making of it) and it's so beautiful to know that someone else feels the same for Newt as I do. 8"} I'm so, so happy that you liked it. ^_^ and thank you! :')