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The truth about Laura Palmer is that...


The mood and lyrics of these songs are meant to give you a brief description of what Laura's real life (behind the mask of the homecoming queen) was like.

Unable to tell anyone about what was happening to her, she kept falling into the darkness... faster and faster....

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This mix keeps a lot of the dark ambiance of Lynch's Twin Peaks, but the use of female singers and attention to the dark emotions that Laura must have felt on a regular basis allows us to see Twin Peaks through her eyes. That's just the kind of mix I was looking for today, after a Twin Peaks re-watch. Thanks! :))

@ I'm so happy you like it :). I created it after reading "The Secret Diary of Laura Palmer" and tried to pick the song really carefully so their lyrics also are connected with Laura. Some connections may not be obvious. 'Drown Soda' is about Courtney Love's drug abuse so it can as well speak about Laura's and also this song's first verse may be interpreted as things BOB did. Lana's 'Body Electric' was inspired by a poem of the same title which is about finding comfort in sex, using it as a way to forget about pain and to feel good in general.